A few words about giving up, resilience and NEVER GIVING UP. 

If you have ever felt like giving up this message is for you. 

I have a lived a life that has been full of major ups and downs. 

  • Lived in the Bahamas, with a multi million pound business. 
  • Lost is all (and more)
  • Bankrupt (twice)
  • Divorced and my boys not living with me
  • Got arrested
  • Sent to prison for 2 years
  • Launch a high tech biz which failed horribly
  • Been suicidal without even knowing it
  • Many failed relationships (Im lucky to have a great lady in my life now)
  • Lived in a static caravan for 18 months
  • Got conned by scammers for a lot of money 
  • Been penniless again
  • Been threatened by trolls 
  • Only last Saturday had my car firebombed by three thugs

It’s safe to say I have experienced pretty much everything other than serious physical ill health.

Over the last 18 years I have felt like giving up many times. Too many to mention. Over the last week which has been one of the worst ever have I felt like giving up once or twice. 

But here’s the thing.. I have NEVER given up and I will never give up!

The only time you will see me give up is when Im laying in my coffin being ready to be lit up… Until then this guy will keep going no matter what. 

The great thing about experiencing everything I have been through it builds up a level of resilience in you that means you will keep going no matter what…. 

Im going to take a few days off now and be with my Gabi, I’m going to finish the rest of my pigeon lofts, tidy up the garden and I will be back on Monday with my RPI Live Show (for racing pigeons) I will also take the weekend to plan out my next move, which will include continuing with RPI and I will also be launching my new Real Entrepreneur TV show soon plus other things. 

I’m a born entrepreneur, sometimes I have learned the hard way but at heart I was born to be one. 

Intention is everything folks. If you have the right intentions thats what matters. And despite what my haters think I have only ever had the best intentions to do good by people, be fair and try and build a life and businesses that not only help me but others. I will continue with those intentions no matter what. 

And to all my haters reading this.. You hate me? Why would you read it, listen or watch me when you hate me so much? 😉 

At the end of the day I know who I am, my family, friends and good people around me who support me know the real me and what I’m about. Its easy to read google and get a one sided story. If people want to know the real me they only have to contact me. 

So if you have ever thought of giving up. Please think of this post and ask yourself.. Can you carry on? Sure you can. No matter what. No matter what anyone thinks or you may think at the time. 

Keep going, be a resilient mofo., never quite always keep trying and surround yourself with good people with the right intentions. Look up to the sky and see how blessed we are. 

Life is short, so let’s make the best of each and ever day ehh. 

One last thing. I am ALWAYS here for anyone who maybe struggling and  wants to talk. Always. 

Marky Out. 

A few words about giving up, resilience and NEVER GIVING UP.

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