Behind Every Good Man Is A Good Woman

They say behind every good man is a good woman. I would say behind every entrepreneur there needs to be a good woman.

For me, it couldn’t be more true. Throughout my entrepreneurial life over the last 27 years I been married, engaged three times and had my fair share of girlfriends and partners.

Being the partner of an entrepreneur is damn hard work. We are far from normal creatures and we don’t have regular lives in any way. We have massive highs and even bigger lows in our lives and it’s hard to live with sometimes.

My life has had its fair share of ups and downs. The high’s were amazing but honestly, the really big highs were many years ago. (There will be really big highs again, this is what keeps all of us entrepreneurial types going). But, the lows have been amazingly low. During this time and given the life I have chosen to lead I think it’s fair to say it has cost me my fair of relationships going wrong along the way.

On the 21st September 2017, after going on 22 dates with 22 different women in that year I’d had enough of dating and to be honest, was totally indifferent and had no expectations going on any dates anymore.

During the course of 2 1/2 hours on date number 23 I met a woman I immediately was attracted to and we got on like a house on fire. So much so the waitress at the end of the date asked us what we were celebrating something special, she thought it was an anniversary. It was our first date but we looked like we had known each other for years.

Since that first date, Gabi has been in my life. Through ups and downs, through great times and not so good times. We have had a blast, been to some great places and had some great experiences together. We have many more to come too!

Honestly, I have never had such a supportive woman in my life. She supports me and is there for me no matter what. That’s the kind of woman all us entrepreneurs need. She is my rock and she continues to support me through this journey they call being an entrepreneur.

It’s hard for partners to understand how we work, It’s been hard in the past for woman to ‘get’ me, to understand me and my thinking. If anyone understands me (and it’s a really hard thing to do as I sometimes don’t even understand myself) Gabi gets me.

She is a diamond and I know with her in my life I am able to tackle anything in life and business and get to where I want to be in life.

We all need a Gabi in our life!

So to my little Romanian pocket rocket, I say “thank you” thanks for loving me no matter what, and thanks for all the support you continue to give me.

Keep It Real,


Behind Every Good Man Is A Good Woman

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