You need to create time to think. No matter how busy you are, having time to think is a must if you are an Entrepreneur (even if you are not.) It allows you to step back from things and once you get into having thinking time will give your mind time to figure things out more easily. I have my thinking time when I walk my dogs and always feel better for it. Occasionally I don’t think about anything, thats ok too as it’s a sign your brain just needs a rest. Many times though I come back with voice notes in my phone of things I can be doing to work better and smarter on the projects I’m working on. Try it, you need minimum 15 minutes of thinking time. (I get about an hour a day while getting exercise.) You can fit it into your day and it’s well worth it. 

Keep It Real,

Mark Lyford

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EP011 – Get Real Quick – Thinking Time

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