If You Don’t Produce, You Can’t Succeed

As an entrepreneur, everything rides on your shoulders. You are the CEO of your business. You are also the head of sales. You wear the CFOs hat as well. In fact, you hold every position that your business may require at any given time, from the very top to the very bottom. All of these positions carry different responsibilities.

All of their duties need to be juggled depending on the needs of any given moment. You could be taking an important sales call one minute and emptying the garbage the next. You could be signing a lucrative contract in the morning and in the afternoon be under your desk trying to figure out why your Wi-Fi isn’t working. It is regularly dizzying. Occasionally, it can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it is even exhilarating.

Because everything depends on you, and because you have so many different tasks to complete, you need to be productive. No, scratch that. You don’t simply need to be productive. You need to get as close to maximum productivity as you can. You have to make full use of every minute in the day. You have to know what to do next before you begin doing it. You have to be able to anticipate trouble spots and bottlenecks in your production process and deal with them as quickly as possible.

It’s a tall order and, if you don’t keep a close tab on how you are spending your time, it is an order that can’t be met. So, how do you figure out how you’ve been spending your time? You keep track of it.

Consider the average working day. Do you really have an idea of how you spend the time in that day? You probably think you know how you spend your time. However, if you were actually to track, map and record how you spent your time, you’d probably be in for a shock.

You see, the average person actually spends a large part of their working day not getting very much done. Oh, they may seem busy. From their point of view, they are working as hard as they can. Yet, at the end of a week, they don’t see a lot of results from their efforts.

That’s because their work has not been productive. Busy does not equal productive. In fact, busy is very often a way to avoid doing the tasks that will get results. As an entrepreneur, make sure that you know the difference between being busy and being productive.

Keep it Real,

Mark Lyford.

If You Don’t Produce, You Can’t Succeed

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