Is a scam?

Watch my video above and see what you think. 

My gut feeling is that something is not right here. 

This was the support response I got in March 2022:

This is my order fully paid in October 2019 (Deposit was paid much earlier in 2017 I believe):

Lots of social media advertising is going on:

support told me exactly the same today as they did back in March 2022. Something it not right here. 

UPDATE: 24 hrs later. Portabl removing any negative replies on social media posts… Not cool and says a lot.

Posted this afternoon.

Removed 3 hours later… (plus other peoples comments.)

Posted this into Portabl Facebook page… No longer visible. 

Doesn’t looks good does it… 🙁 

I will update this post when I have more information. Hopefully I will receive my product and can show everyone it on the post. I’m not holding my breath though. 

Keep It Real, 

Mark Lyford

Is a scam?

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