Life Lessons over the past few days

I’ve been thinking today about some pretty shitty but big life lessons my boy James has learned in the last 24 hours or so. He’s had a shit time since January with women and it’s made me think a lot about things…

My thoughts and lessons are:

1. Just because you think someone is good looking on the outside in no way means they are on the inside.

2. People have very different levels of what they see as acceptable about how to treat someone. Don’t expect other people to treat you as you would treat them. Some people just have no class.

3. Potential partners who mess you around, have no valid reasons and don’t apologise for doing so, but who still expect you to bow to their every need have 100% princess/prince mentality and will never change. They simply are not worth a a single moment of being down about (pissed off yes but not down).

4. Relationships only work if their is totally mutual, attraction, respect, commitment and you are on the same wavelength. Trying to make something fit will never work. There is always a follow and lead situation in all relationships. There is a power balance, but the balance has to be mutual over the whole relationship. i.e one person is the follower in one area of the relationship but the leader in the other. Having someone who plays to be the boss in all areas of a relationship is pointless and won’t work long term.

5. Be strong and don’t accept shit from anyone.

6. The older you get the more of these life experiences you have. Life’s kind of screwed up / the wrong way around really. There is nothing you can do about it but when you see your kids going through this. You just wish you could impart all the life lessons about this stuff you have learned. Unfortunately, its life and part of life learning about this stuff. All you can do is be there for them.

7. Timing is everything. People come into your life at different times for different reasons. Sometimes negative people / situations come into your life to give you another life lesson and thats fine… Remember timing is everything so when you meet the right person you need to be thankful for the negative experiences you have had because without them you wouldn’t meet the right person at that time.

8. Being a parent is hard. Seeing your child go through shit isn’t nice but all you can do is help them as much as you can and impart any help and advice they ask for. I feel blessed that both my boys ask their Mum and I for advice and even more privileged that they feel confident that they can share life issues they are having with both of us.

9. I went on 22 dates last year with 20 different women. Then I met my Gabi 🙂 Its a numbers game and you have to go through the stones to get the diamonds. I’m living proof that there are right people in this world for everyone.

10. Keep going, everything happens for a reason. It may take years to know what the reason is but it will show itself in time.

Keep It Real,


Life Lessons over the past few days

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