My girlfriend Gabi is devastated and my son Zandie is traumatised by this. They watched this car go up in flames just feet away from them and our house. Like I was saying only yesterday morning I really do wonder why I bother and ask myself whats the point. Had enough folks… totally had enough…

However I must say thanks to everyone who has messaged me with support. I will doing another live later on when I have sorted some thing out and feel up to it. Like Gabi asked, If you could please share this to help us identify and catch these monsters.

If you have any information that could help with the investigation please call LEICESTERSHIRE POLICE the CRIME NUMBER IS 20000199303. It happened last night around 10pm in the village of Moira, on Ashby Road.

Thank you and keep it real,

Mark Lyford

On Saturday night my car was firebombed right outside my house :(

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