People are motivated by different things

Different people are motivated by different things. I’m naturally a motivated personal, but one of my own unique types of motivation I call “F**k You Motivation.”

It’s sad but true to say, more than half the people who know me have written me off as someone who will never ‘make it’ again, never get back to where he says he will be in life etc etc. Fortunately I’m still blessed to have good people around me, friends and family who still believe in me and my abilities and character.

Life and business is full of ups and downs. My last 20 years has been full of major ups and downs. The downs being really bad downs. The challenges faced are no fun at all, the bad decisions made even worse. Desperation breeds stupid results.

Here’s the thing though. In addition to being highly motivated myself to create the life I want for myself and the people close to me I use those people who have written me off as extra motivation.

If you are reading this and feeling that life is a struggle at the moment, maybe you feel like people have written you off too, remember this. Intention is everything, good intentions in life are what matters and as long as your intentions are genuine and real thats all that matters.

Keep going and never give up, figure out what you want your life to be, don’t give up until you achieve it, don’t let anyones opinion of you effect you in any way way other than helping to motivate you even more. Show people they were wrong about you.

One last thing, if you have people in your life who criticise you, remember no one has the right to judge or critcise you until they have walked in your shoes and live the life they are judging.

So crack on, cherish the people who believe in you and keep going and fuck the doubters and judgemental people. Life is short, do your best, learn from the bad times and make sure you try and enjoy life while you’re on your journey.

Be Real,


People are motivated by different things

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