Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

One of the most common behaviours that all 9-5 workers share is complaining. We’ve all been there. Get two or more co-workers together and watch what happens. They will complain about what they have to do. They will complain about how they have to do what they have to do. They will complain about how much they have to do when compared to other people. They will complain about their supervisors. They will complain about their co-workers. They will complain about everything possible. This is human nature.

People under stress need to let off steam and, let’s face it, most people who work for others deal with a lot of stress. After all, their entire financial future is in the hands of someone else who can terminate them for little more than a whim. It’s no wonder that they complain.

What most workers don’t understand is that while it may seem easier at the top, it really isn’t. The people who have the responsibility of managing the business are often under far greater amounts of stress than the average worker. They have the duty of planning for the future in terms of sales, production, inventory, billing, contracting and more.

A functioning business is a well-oiled machine. Every part of the business depends on all the other parts of the business. Each one has to come into play at just the right time in order for the entire mechanism to function. If one piece isn’t where it should be, the entire organisation shudders to a halt. So what keeps the average business running? The answer is planning.

What do you do when you’re traveling to a place that you’ve never been to, let’s say by car? Do you simply get into your vehicle and go? Do you drive off in what you hope is the right direction and cross your fingers that you’ll arrive at your destination? Of course you don’t. Before you set out on your trip, you plan on how you’re going to get to the destination you have in mind. You make a route and then you travel that route in order to get where you want to go.

Reaching goals in your business is a lot like reaching your destination when you travel. You need to make a plan on how you intend to achieve what you want to achieve and then you follow that plan. When you do, success becomes that much easier.

Keep it Real,

Mark Lyford.


Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

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