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You’ve heard of visualisation, right? However, the odds are that because of what you’ve heard you probably don’t have a very good opinion of the entire visualisation process. You’re likely lumping visualisation into the same category as crystals and dream catchers. That’s a shame. Visualisation doesn’t deserve the bad rap it’s received.

The first thing that you need to do is dissuade yourself from all the preconceptions that you may have in regard to visualisation. This is a powerful process that can bring real results to any business owner. That’s because visualisation is a natural part of our make-up. Let me explain.

A long time ago, before any real technologies had been developed, our species had to hunt in order to live. Sure, we could gather some food, but the real caloric goodies came from the meat of the animal we hunted. This meant that hunting was an extremely important activity. You could say it was a life and death activity.

Because of this, hunters took their job very seriously. When they prepared for a hunt, they sought to gain every advantage they could over the prey that they were trying to bring down. One of the things that they did was to imagine the coming hunt in as much detail as they could muster. They would see their prey. They would see how they were going to stalk the prey. They would see themselves being successful and bringing home the meat that their people so desperately needed. This practice run through before the hunt gave them an advantage when the real event occurred. They were ready for any eventuality and prepared to make the correct moves no matter what happened.

This ability to visualise future events became part and parcel of our genetic makeup. This means that each of us still has this ability to this day. However, instead of using it to gain an advantage in hunting prey, we are able to use it to gain an advantage in any important event that we are faced with.

For example, you as an entrepreneur deal with multiple critical events on a regular basis. These are events where you need to have a successful outcome. By visualising the event in detail before it occurs, you give yourself the same advantage that our ancestors did before they hunted. Your outcome is as important to you as theirs was to them. They did not fail. With visualisation, neither will you.

Keep it Real,

Mark Lyford.

See Your Success

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