Steps to Break Through Your Fears

Our fears can be a big inhibitor of our success. We can have a fear of failure, which causes us to never take risks. While not all risks are good, we have to take some to get ahead. There is also the fear of success, which can be even more debilitating because it tends to be subtle. When we get to the point where we are getting close to succeeding, we pull back out of fear of what lies ahead. Sometimes, traumatic experiences can put up walls that keep us from succeeding.

This is a difficult situation and can take a long time to overcome. Some people never get through it. Often, it’s because they don’t seek out some form of help. For some, simply talking to loved ones may work. For others, the trauma is so deep that they need professional help. Most people fear the unknown. They have problems stepping outside their comfort zones because doing so exposes a part of them they may not be ready for. If you are offered a promotion at work, you may feel you are not ready. If this fear gets too strong, it can affect your ability to perform well in the new job. One way to break through your fears is to create a routine that includes the activities you fear.

Remember when you first learned how to ride a bike. It may have taken you several tries. The concept is similar here. Set up a schedule for the activities you fear and give them a try. Allow yourself to fail as long as you give yourself permission to try it again the next day. Talk to others who have gone through what you fear. Make it a routine to talk to different people. Ask them how they got through the fear. Most people will be glad to offer advice on how you can do the same.

By setting up routines with the activities you fear, you start to break down your barriers within your mind. It is a process, and you will likely fail. When you get on a bike now, it’s second nature to ride it. This wasn’t always the case. You simply kept going with determination and what was difficult became easy over time. It’s the same with any fear. Keep working on it every day until it becomes second nature. After you master it, you will look back and wonder why you thought it was so difficult.

Steps to Break Through Your Fears

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