On Saturday 19th April 2020 at 10:10PM three hooded men firebombed my car outside my house. Fortunately our next door neighbours had a commercial fire extinguisher and the fire was put out within a few minutes.

If it were not for my neighbours help, things could have been a lot worse. The car had a full tank of diesel and I’m sure it would have exploded prior the fire brigade arriving 15 minutes later.

Watch the video to see the full extent of the car damage. It’s a write off.

Two witnesses have said one of the three men had a beard and the getaway car left in the direction of Conkers / Swadlincote.

This is the petrol can left behind.

A screwdriver was dropped right outside the smashed window where the fire was started, the police have this now.

The getaway car was a silver coloured car. This is a slowed down zoomed in video clip of the car.

The getaway car.
Walking to the house
Running from the house

You can download the CCTV footage here

I am a normal person and my partner and youngest son are traumatised by this. (My son was living with us during lockdown but due to this he doesn’t feel safe with us and is living at his Mum’s which is saddening in itself.)

I realise the police have limited resources, although I hope they will be able to get something from the screw driver they have. I am taking it on myself to try and find this horrible bastards.

If you were in the Moira, Swadlincote or Ashby area around 10pm on Saturday night and may be able to help please let me know.

If you have any information that could help with the investigation please call LEICESTERSHIRE POLICE the CRIME NUMBER IS 20000199303. It happened in the village of Moira, on Ashby Road.

Thanks for any help and please share this.

Keep It Real,
Mark Lyford

[HELP NEEDED] Help us find the 3 horrible bastards that firebombed our car on Saturday night (Please share)

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